Emergency Currency

I know the following info is common sense to experienced Preppers. But, maybe not so much for many of my readers who haven’t given it much thought.


I hear alot of talk on shows, like Glenn Beck, on how important gold will be when the financial crisis strikes. Your bank accounts will be worthless, your cash unwanted. The historical evidence is there to support that. Pre WWII, Germany’s Mark was really only valuable to help get a fire started. But in reality, is gold the way to go?

In a true global disaster, gold might be a good thing to hold on to if you have any. Bury it somewhere and forget you have it. If and when the situation improves it is possible that the gold will have value, but really, why does it have value? It isn’t particularly useful. It does make shiny jewelry. There are some minor industrial applications. It isn’t all that rare like it’s touted to be. Go to any department store and you will find some. Rare things are just that, hard to find.

So is gold what you should be spending your hard-earned cash on. Well, maybe, it could turn out to be a great investment, if the economy worsens, but doesn’t collapse or as opposed to the stock market, yes. It could be a good thing to have some and put it aside. Real gold though. Actually possess it. Don’t fall for the companies that issue you a piece of paper that says you own gold. That’s probably as worthless as the paper the promise is written on.

So maybe a little gold is good, but in a disaster, what is much, much, much more valuable than gold?  Simply put, things that will keep you healthy, safe and comfortable during the disaster.

If you want currency that will be valuable, hoard some things that you know people will want and be willing to trade for. Cigarettes for example. Try giving a gold ring in exchange for passage through someones territory. See how far that gets you. Try giving a pack or two of “Joe Cools” and I bet you get further.

Coffee will be another luxury that people will take as payment. Coffee is one of those items that people don’t forget when it comes to packing for a wilderness trip.

I know by experience how important it is when on long military campaigns. Having a decent amount of long shelf life coffee on hand will help you get through some tough times. Both for your own consumption and as a barter item.

Food and other survival items like tarps, knives, fire starting equipment, packable fishing equipment, radios, batteries, on and on. All will be more important during the crisis than a few oz’s of Au. While you are thinking about investing in the future, you might do yourself a huge favor and buy some things that will be of true value in an emergency. Long term items that will feed, shelter, protect and comfort you and your family.

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Preppers Page


Wild Leeks (Ramps), legally and responsibly harvested.

Top Prepper Site

We are adding a Preppers Page to Nature’s Access. That doesn’t mean we suddenly think the world is coming to an end. But that really isn’t what Prepping is all about. After all, if the world is coming to an end, why even try to prolong the inevitable? Prepping is just what it sound like, Preparing. For what? Who knows?

Maybe as little as having a bad case of the flu and not being able to get out and buy food for the little ones. If you were prepared, you would have at least a weeks worth of food on hand. That should get you through the flu.

Maybe the grid goes down and you are left without power for an extended period. It doesn’t matter so much why the grid went down, but if it does, and it has, be ready with battery operated lights and radios. Better yet, have flash lights and radios that you can crank to recharge. I can tell you that I have used ours numerous times when storms knocked our power out.

We all would like to think the United States is on a stable footing. We hope it is and we hope it stays that way. But come on people. Human beings have a way of creating amazing things and we have a way of messing everything up. Our economy is on shaky ground and the inevitable problems basing our economy on paper that means nothing can only end two ways. One-we wake up in time and base our economy on something tangible, like, I don’t know…Gold maybe? Two-the envelope burst open and we are in a world of hurt. The warning signs are there. Housing crash, stock market dump, Goldman Sachs, etc, etc.

Just the fact that our country is so polarized between Constitutionalist and those who have no clue what it is, lends itself to civil direst.

Anyways, the bottom line is, you have no idea what the future holds, nor do I. But being prepared for what ever comes, only makes sense. Take some time to read our Preppers Page and follow us for updated material. Read the whole website for info on survival, wild edibles and medicinal plants. If you can, remember our goal is to help people not only prepare for any situation, but also to get out and enjoy what God have given us…Nature.

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Nature’s Access Affiliates with My Patriot Supply

I’ve written a lot about being prepared and how important it is have the supplies on hand when an emergency hits. That is why we have affiliated with “My Patriot Supply” to bring you the food, equipment, heirloom seeds and water filtration supplies that you need. Use this link ⇒ Emergency Supplies to take you to a seamless experience while you secure the materials you and your family needs to make it through any hardship that you may encounter.

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Be Prepared for a Happy New Year

It seems like 2016 was a rough one. There was a lot of news that I think we would all like to forget happened, everything from world events to local disasters. That’s why it is important to ensure your family is prepared. You never know what will happen. I’m not convinced it’s the end of the world, nor do I think you need to be in order to see the value in preparation.

Consider a black out situation. It’s happened. Our grid is not new. Remember the 2003 blackout in August that wiped out power in the North East and in Ontario? I do. How about a blizzard or other weather related situation? What about civil distress? We all remember a few of those over the last few years, don’t we? Flood by netalloy

The fact is, it doesn’t need to be Armageddon for you and your family to think about ensuring you can make it through a rough period. It doesn’t take much and you don’t have to plop down a ton of cash at one time.  In the coming months, Nature’s Access will provide you the opportunity to plop down a bunch of money to be prepared, lol, or you can purchase smaller portions at a time as funds allow.

Over the last couple years, we have studied intensely the value of wild edible and medicinal plants and survival techniques. We have experimented with various tools and natural resources to ensure we can provide you with the most accurate and useful information. We will continue to do that in new year. We will be working on classes again as well.

The level of preparation you achieve is entirely up to you…obviously, but, minimum preparation really is a must or you will regret it. At least make sure your car has proper cold weather gear in the winter and you have a weeks worth of food and light sources in your home. #

If you and your family are not prepared for any mishap that might happen, I guarantee you will feel better when you are. Take the time to study the information on this site and be ready to secure the food supplies and equipment that will help ensure you and your family have a happy, healthy 2017.

 Happy New Year! by jhnri4


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Natural Blessings

Nature’s Access would like to thank all of our readers over the past year. We hope you had a wonderful year and that 2017 brings you joy and happiness.

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The Nature’s Access Family.

We would also like to remind our readers of the Natural Blessings all around them. Blessings that have been bestowed upon us by our creator. The car in the driveway, the driveway that leads to the garage and the garage that is attached to a warm comfortable home with all the trimmings are not the blessings I refer. Those may be the results of the blessings from our giver of gifts, The Holy Ghost.

The blessings I refer to are our Natural Blessings. The talents given to us, the drive to succeed, the will power to keep going when all seems lost, the ability to feel empathy and sorrow and the greatest gift…the ability to love. Those gifts are the gifts that make a poor person rich and a rich person poor (if they are lacking).

God has provided for everyone, it is merely our ability to receive those gifts that enrich or dampen our lives.

It is our sincere hope that we all find it in our hearts to allow the Natural Blessing of God into our lives in the following year to come.

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Survival is a Frame of Mind

Being prepared when you venture out, whether in Nature or driving your car, is always a great idea. Why would you go on a hiking excursion without water and basic first aid supplies? Why would you drive in winter weather without proper clothing and boots? It really doesn’t take much to put a cold weather pack in your car and leave it there for the winter. It isn’t difficult to carry a small pack, with a water filter at least, when hiking. Yet many people do just that. Many people wish they took the time to prepare.

That is basic, but with all the preparation in the world, you can still be in trouble…if, when the time comes, you panic. Your brain is the number one survival tool that you have. The key is to keep it under control. Don’t panic. Sit for a minute and catch your breath, relax, meditate. Ask God for guidance. Most situations afford you the time to get your emotions under control.

Make sure you are putting everything in their perspective place. People have died trying to walk to safety when their vehicle got stuck in a snow storm. The fact is, they walked away from relative safety when they left the vehicle. It takes a long time to starve to death, so their concerns for the lack of food was over rated. Of course food is a great help, but more important than walking 10 miles in a snow storm without proper clothes? Probably not. The more important need would have been heat and shelter. The chances are, they had a lighter or something to get a fire going. If they properly prepared with a winter/vehicle survival pack, they definitely would have.

Once you have put everything into perspective, which is to say, have confidence you will survive your situation, take stock of your resources. Don’t take anything for granted. Realize that simple things can be used in an emergency in ways that the manufacture never intended. Even a simple tube of lip balm can help you survive your situation.


A survival tool can be as simple as this tube of lip balm.

Lip balm, for example, not only protects your lips from drying out, it can also be used to protect any exposed skin. Your face is a good place to add a layer of the balm. But there are other uses as well. Lip balm can be used a lubricant if you need. Most importantly, it also makes a good fire starter. Put a half inch chunk of it under some tinder and light it. It will burn pretty hot and long enough to start a fire.

Look around your car. There is probably other material that can be used to help get the fire going as well. Access the situation. Is it truly survival? If it is, don’t worry about the condition of your car. The seat covering material is dry and likely would burn long and hot enough to start even wet branches.

Do you have a spare quart of oil? That will get a blaze going. A spare tire will certainly burn all night. Just don’t breath in the fumes or you will have another survival issue.

If you have a can in your car, use it to melt snow for drinking water. Are there pine trees around? Pine needle tea is great in a survival situation. It is calming and you are putting nutrients into your body.

If you were hiking and got lost, take a seat. Listen intently. Sometimes you can hear vehicles on a highway from a long ways away. Hopefully you packed a compass in your pack. Why would you go hiking without one? Survival really does start with preparation. Did you do a map reconnaissance before entering the woods? No? Why not? google-maps . Well even if you didn’t, don’t panic. There aren’t too many places in the Great Lakes area that there isn’t some sort of civilization, fairly near by. Click the link to google maps above. Look at the area before entering. Know what boundaries there are. Roads, power lines, creeks, open fields.

What ever you do, just don’t wander. Walk in one direction the best you can (good use for a compass right?) and you will run into one of your boundaries. Once you hit a boundary, you should know where you are at.

For a list of survival tools when visiting nature, click surviving nature packing list.

The following are suggestions of things you should have in your car, but first, lets talk water.  Keeping water bottles in your car has been linked to cancers as chemicals (bpa) leech from the plastic into the water in hot weather. Most manufactures are moving away from plastics containing bpa’s but they are still out there, however, the amount that you would be drinking would have a minuscule chance of causing any harm. I still would recommend that you carry a good quality water filter that can make non potable water, potable. There are some good ones on the market for less than $30.00. These are not those water bottles with filters in them that remove some tap water taste, but survival filtration systems that filter out 99.99% of microbes and chemicals. Have the filtration system in your car along with factory sealed non bpa bottles of water. I buy a case in the summer and drink them. That keeps them in constant rotation and I keep hydrated, which is a very important survival strategy to begin with. If you are properly hydrated to start with, you will be in much better shape from the get go.

The list:

Drinking water source.

Food Packs

Fire starting source; lighter, matches, striker and tinder.

Flint and Striker

Cat litter to help get on stuck in snow and ice.

Small shovel.

Fire extinguisher.

Sun tan lotion.

Insect repellent.

Hat, coat, gloves, boots, extra socks.

Air pump.

Small tool box.

Flash light.

Tire changing tools (allot of people couldn’t change a tire if they needed to because of incomplete tool sets and even the lack of a spare tire).

Emergency Blanket

Deluxe Thermal Blanket

Vehicle in distress kit; flares, reflector triangle, etc.

Charged cell phone.

I’m sure you can think of more, but that gives you an idea. Follow this link for all your emergency supplies: Emergency Supplies

The bottom line is. Think. Use your best survival tool…your brain. Use it before you get into your car. Use it before you head out into Nature. Properly prepare. Use it when you are enjoying your activity but most importantly, sit back relax and use your brain when a survival situation presents itself. You likely have more resources than you realize.

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Mallow, an Amazing Ally

Common Mallow (Malva neglecta) is one of those plants that gardeners will look at and say “What a pretty weed” just before they yank it out of their flower garden. Well you know, I do understand that. Hours are spent forming a flower garden to look just the way you want it, and even though it can be a fairly attractive plant, you didn’t spend dollars on it so therefore it is an invader. So, out it goes. That’s OK, I get it. But do yourself a favor; rather than tossing it out, harvest it instead.


Common Mallow

Mallow is a wonderful edible and medicinal plant. The fresh young greens are very good fresh added to a salad. They are extremely nutritional as are all wild edible green leafy plants. High in polysaccharides and antioxidant compounds including phenol’s, flavonoids, carotenoids, tocopherols and ALA fatty acids, combined with high levels of minerals, vitamins and micro nutrients, Mallow is a health promoting super plant.

Due to it’s high levels of mucilage, Mallow is particularly effective in treating ailments such as sore throat, congestion or upset stomach. Anything that you may suffer from, that has to do with the path your food takes, can be soothed and coated with a protective layer. Make an infusion from the leaves and or flowers and enjoy with a touch of honey.

My grandchildren particularly enjoy Mallow “tea” with a touch of honey when suffering from a sore throat. It can be swallowed even when water is tough to swallow. The mallow slides right down, coating the throat as it goes. A word of caution though, mallow is also an effective “mild” laxative.  So unless you have access to a bathroom, don’t over do it. On the other hand, if you are constipated, a Mallow “tea” might just be what you need.

A Common Mallow infusion cooled can also be effective in treating burns and other skin ailments. Use on a burn much in the way you would Aloe. Use on inflamed joints and muscles to reduce swelling and ease the pain.

As a survival plant, it is possible to find Mallow very early and quite late in the season. It can take some pretty cold weather. I have found it under the snow. Mallow is an import from Europe brought to America by settlers. Unfortunately it is not always available deep in nature. Usually it is found around cultivated areas, the sides of houses, worked up garden areas, lawns and even sidewalk cracks. But, that isn’t to say you won’t find it in the middle of a forest meadow, just not as likely. As an Urban survival plant, it is a great one to know.


Mallow is a tough plant even though it feels a bit delicate.

There are no parts of the Mallow plant that is poisonous, however, due to it’s laxative and other properties, don’t over do it. Especially until you know how your body reacts to it.

Common Mallow is a relative of Marsh Mallow. The very plant first used by the French to make “Marshmallows” and is the name sake of the popular confection. Of course, now, Marshmallows are made from modern ingredients.

Mallow is in the same family (mulvaceae) as is Okra and has the same thickening properties. It can be used as a substitute when making gumbos. It is also related to garden plants such as Holy Hocks.

As always, know exactly what plant you have before using it internally or externally. You are always responsible for further study and 100% identification.

The bottom line is, before you pitch that Mallow, use it. It is likely one of the most nutritious and medicinally useful plants you have on your property and that includes your vegetable garden.

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Support Nature’s Access

Nature’s Access has several goals that it intends to achieve.

 Our first goal is recognize the power and authority of God. He is the creator of all things we have. Only through the Trinity do we exist, thrive and live eternally. We give thanks for our blessings and recognize the gift of Nature that God has provided.

Second, our goal is to share with as many people as possible, information on wild edible plants and survival in the wild.

Cats Ears

Nutritious Cat’s Ears


Plants can sustain life in numerous ways. Obviously, they provide nutrition. But they can also provide heat, shelter, tools and medicine.

Knowing basic compass reading, first aide, fire starting, preparation, injury prevention and risk assessment is also crucial to survival in the wilderness. Even in the Michigan woods where you don’t expect to run into trouble, you can, people do, and the results have been deadly. Dehydration, hypothermia and heat injuries take lives every year.  We strive to provide information that is useful to you as you head out into Natural Environments.

Please attend one of our classes if you are in the Grand Rapids Michigan area. Classes will resume in 2017.


Rockford Adult Enrichment, using wild edibles for Teas

Another goal is to help people with disadvantages experience the outdoors. Nature provides peace and serenity. There are many challenges provided by Nature. Some, we take for granted or don’t see them as challenges, but for some people, they are insurmountable. Hiking down a trail, fishing, hunting, camping, exploring are things not everyone can do on their own. We intend to assist when ever we can. Let us know if you know someone with a disadvantage that is keeping them out of Nature. We will do our best.

We do need your help. Especially in the arena of helping the disadvantaged enjoy the outdoors. We have no intentions of allowing finances from stopping anyone from participating in an outdoor activity. Kids and adults alike. From physical to mental, from single moms to aging outdoors men or women, what ever obstacle that presents itself, we will help.

You can help us by buying a product, such as a Nature’s Access Calendar.

Visit our YouTube Channel. Nature’s Access YouTube

Or by Donating to our GoFundMe Page. Nature’s Access for Everyone.

Thank you very much for visiting Nature’s Access.

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Sweet Fern

Check out my YouTube video: Sweet Fern .

Sweet Fern (Comptonia peregrina) is an excellent survival resource. Great for when you aren’t feeling well, Sweet Fern helps with an upset stomach, headache and congestion. Make a mild tea and sweeten with honey if you desire. I think it’s pretty good as it is. sweet-fern-2

It is, despite it’s name, not a Fern, rather it is a member of the Bayberry Family. It’s woody stem has a pine flavor, so I tend to make sure I use only the leaves.

The leaves produce a slight numbing effect and can help alleviate toothache pain until you can properly treat it. Packed with nutrition, as most edible wild plants are, a hot Sweet Fern tea can be a real boost on a cold day.

Burning the plants makes for a pleasant incense and even helps to repel mosquitoes. Native Americans also used it to line their baskets to help keep berries fresh.sweet-fern-1

Quite often found in the same areas Blueberries are found, many people associate the sweet aroma of Sweet Fern with Blueberries, though they are unrelated.

A very easy plant to identify, Sweet Fern is certainly one to become familiar with and add it to your survival plant list.

As with anything that you consume, make sure you are 100% certain you have identified it correctly before you use it.

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Hidden Gems

One of the fun things about foraging or studying wild plants is that you always find hidden gems. spiderI believe this spider is a Cross Orb Weaver. It doesn’t have an obvious cross pattern, but my understanding is that the patterns vary greatly and don’t always create a cross. I’m hardly a spider expert. If you have information or can more accurately identify this one, please leave a comment. It was about as big around as a nickle. Maybe a little larger.

I found this one living under the leaf canopy of a Sow Thistle Plant.

Sow Thistle is not a true Thistle. Any self respecting true Thistle has needle sharp, blood drawing stickers on them. sow-thistleSome Sow Thistles, as there are many varieties do have pickers but none so stiff and sharp as true ones. The Sow Thistle is however edible. It’s in the same Astereae family as the Dandelion and Sunflower.

Young leaves can be eaten fresh in salads and even taste a bit like lettuce. After they get a bit too bitter, use them as a pot herb. They are highly nutritious and delicious.

As always, make sure you have 100% identification that what you are eating is safe.

Just my opinion, I wouldn’t eat the spider raw or cooked.


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