Education: It is the intent of Nature’s Access to learn as much about our natural surroundings as possible. With that in mind, we continuously explore, participate in and study Nature.

The reason for this continuous study? So that we can share that knowledge with any persons who is interested in learning about what we love…Nature.

Nature provides peace, serenity, food, medicine and much, much more.

Access: We believe Nature is there for everyone to experience, enjoy and learn from. Many people don’t have the ability to trek out on their own.


Nature’s Access’s Chris Daniels and Janet Yenior

Regardless of someone’s abilities, Nature’s Access wants to share with them the wonders of Nature. We specialize in Plant knowledge but also general survival skills.

With this in mind, we want to help anyone get the most out of their natural experience. We are willing to work hard to ensure anyone who desires, gets a taste of the wilderness.


Plant I.D. Tray for class at Rockford Enrichment Center.


Young Explorers







To provide an experience: Nature can be challenging and she can be relaxing. It just sort of depends on your approach. It can be white water rafting on a Class V rapids or it can be a leisure stroll down a path. It can be intense study to the molecular level or just listening to the birds and smelling the forest.

Its up to the individual as to what they want to experience. Nature can and will provide it. Our goal is to help provide that experience to you.

Our Motto: The peace and serenity of Nature can be experienced by everyone.