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I am a Grandfather of nine and father of three. I have been married for 35 years. I am a veteran of the Army with eight years of service and one combat tour. I have a bachelors degree in History and Military Science. I love the outdoors. I am a proud Christian. I have many interest and love to research anything that I lack knowledge in. Wild edibles/herbal medicines and survival are passions of mine and I love sharing what I know.

Hairy Bittercress Time!

Hairy Bittercress (Cardamine hirsuta) is what’s for dinner. Today is March 12. Many a March 12 is still under a fairly large carpet of white, but not this year. Even if it were, the tasty little plant would still be under … Continue reading

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Spring Hasn’t Sprung, But It’s About To.

March is just a few day’s away. It’s a real transition month…sometimes. Sometimes it can just plain be cold and April plays the transitional role. But looking at my crystal ball and the long-range forecast, I would venture to say, … Continue reading

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Risk Assessment for Survival

Risk Assessment may be one of the most important survival skills there is. So exactly what is it? Well, sometimes you run into a situation that your gut instincts tell you what not to do or what to do. For … Continue reading

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Pine Pitch

As mentioned in a previous post, Pine Pitch is a very useful tool. When among pines, look for the white residue that runs down the bark. It sorta looks like a giant bird crapped on the side of the tree … Continue reading

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Trees for Survival

Typically when people think of a plant for use in a survival situation, they have things like Dandelion, Plantain, Cattails, or Mullein in mind. Not generally do they think of trees. Heck, sometimes trees are left out of the plant … Continue reading

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Education is the Best Preparation

Having all the right equipment during a disaster of any kind is certainly the right thing to do. No question a proper knife is a must. Long shelf life food is a great plan. Shelter material is awesome. It’s very … Continue reading

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Emergency Currency

I know the following info is common sense to experienced Preppers. But, maybe not so much for many of my readers who haven’t given it much thought.   I hear alot of talk on shows, like Glenn Beck, on how … Continue reading

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Preppers Page

Top Prepper Site We are adding a Preppers Page to Nature’s Access. That doesn’t mean we suddenly think the world is coming to an end. But that really isn’t what Prepping is all about. After all, if the world is … Continue reading

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Nature’s Access Affiliates with My Patriot Supply

I’ve written a lot about being prepared and how important it is have the supplies on hand when an emergency hits. That is why we have affiliated with “My Patriot Supply” to bring you the food, equipment, heirloom seeds and … Continue reading

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Be Prepared for a Happy New Year

It seems like 2016 was a rough one. There was a lot of news that I think we would all like to forget happened, everything from world events to local disasters. That’s why it is important to ensure your family … Continue reading

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