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“Can’t say that I agree with comments on eating snow at the end. Maybe if you are working and actually need to cool down a small amount is OK , but it can still result in dehydration, not hydration. This is straight from the US Army (I served 8 years in the Cavalry) Cold Weather Survival Guide. But anyone who is lost or in a survival situation trying to stay warm, should definitely not eat snow. In order for your body to create heat, it needs to be able to metabolize. Your body requires water to metabolize. Cooling your core temperature by introducing snow or ice can cause your body to use more water to metabolize and create heat than the amount of water you took in eating the snow. Also, snow, especially fresh snow, has very little mineral content. Demineralized water can create headaches, stomach aches and other nasty things. I liked the bow drill and good save on the ember, but be careful giving blanket advice. Overheating and sweating isn’t good, but taking a rest and loosening your clothes a minute is a far better solution than eating snow.”

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YouTube Video Poster Comment:
(NOTE: This is the video that the YouTuber used as his source)
My Comment:
“Cool Video. As a guy born and raised in Michigan and not the Arctic with Eskimos, my tolerance for anything concerning the cold is not going to match an Eskimos (as someone from Florida won’t match mine). The vast majority of people who attempt to take the exact path the Eskimos do, but on their own, would likely be found by Eskimos frozen to death and dehydrated. Lol. When you look at the example of the Gent who survived 45 days, I think he said, the man was a medical student who obviously understood the issues with eating Ice and Snow. Notice he didn’t just start eating (melting it in his mouth and swallowing the water), but rather he rationed out very specific amounts and consumed it as he took in specific amounts of calories, from some sort of food source. Knowing the specifics and secrets, along with a body that has adapted over thousands of years definitely gives Eskimos a huge advantage, as well as does understanding the science. The Med student more proves my point than dispels it. The vast majority of viewers are neither Eskimo nor Scientist. They are normal, average people. Most people remember very basic information. In this case…eat snow. The issue still remains that way more people will do more harm to themselves, then help themselves by lowering their core temp. Most people who find themselves in a situation are more likely to succumb from hypothermia than anything else. Dehydration exacerbates hypothermia. More people eating snow and Ice will cause dehydration rather than prevent it (except Eskimos and Medical Students..Lol) I’ll still teach them to pass on eating the snow and Ice. Most people who die from hypothermia did so because they got lost while hiking or hunting and unfortunately didn’t find their way out before dark. I wonder if they ate snow? What are they doing out in Nature having not told people what area they were going nor without a minimal survival pack with fire making tools? Fun topic.”

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YouTube Video Poster Comment:
“Well we can’t fix stupid! If I make a long video explaining the whole thing, only the smart people will watch anyway…LOL Too boring for the guy who will end up needing the information to begin with.”
Well, that last response spoke volumes. What is his main concern? Not
teaching. Not helping, but I would say rather, how many views he can get.
Getting a ton of views is awesome. Especially considering people are making
a living by monetizing their videos. I don’t begrudge them of that and I wish
them good luck.
But, that does not mean that their product, which is the video content, should
not be held to a high standard by the viewers. Especially when the information
is of a nature that can cause harm.
The point is, many YouTubers (Probably most) are not experts in their
content. I don’t believe you need a degree to be an expert. You can self study
and surpass those who went to University. It depends on your desire and
dedication. But the YouTubers study just enough to know more than the
average person watching the videos. They appear so intelligent and experienced
that viewers take the content as gospel.
I assure you, much of it is not gospel. Be very very very careful watching
survival, plant, bush-crafting, etc. videos and do not take the information
verbatim. Question the content and do further study. It is your responsibility to
know the difference between videos with accurate information and “view mining” videos.
CLICK BAITING is a whole other topic!

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I am a Grandfather of nine and father of three. I have been married for 35 years. I am a veteran of the Army with eight years of service and one combat tour. I have a bachelors degree in History and Military Science. I love the outdoors. I am a proud Christian. I have many interest and love to research anything that I lack knowledge in. Wild edibles/herbal medicines and survival are passions of mine and I love sharing what I know.
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