Education is the Best Preparation

Having all the right equipment during a disaster of any kind is certainly the right thing to do. No question a proper knife is a must. Long shelf life food is a great plan. Shelter material is awesome. It’s very wise to have some pain relievers and anti-biotics. No argument here. Click on our affiliates to the right to get some of the best supplies out there.

My Pattriot Supply has fantastic long life foods available at a very reasonable price. You would be well served to click this link and get some.

Surviv-All Survival Knife

Statgear Surviv-All Survival Knife

The Statgear Survival knife is perfect at only $45 bucks. You can’t go wrong with it’s full tang, rubber grip. fire starter rod, cord cutter and sharpener.


But here is the thing. Supplies run out. If the disaster last too long, your food will run out, your shelter material will get ruined, God forbid you lose your knife. That would be bad!!!

So eventually, all the conviences will be gone, so now what do you depend on……..?  Your brains, survival instincts, common sence and faith. I’m here today as testimony that those are important attributes. But the fact is, the more you hedge your bets, the better off you will be. Hedge your bets by educating yourself. There is no substitution for knowing how to survive. With knowledge, you will discover that God has provided all the materials you need to survive.

Get to know what plants are utilitarian, medicinal, healing, soothing and nutritious. Your life depends on it. Learn 5 to 10 plants that you can use for each of those catagories. In the following weeks, I will help you identify just that. Check back often. Commit those plants to memory. I will focus on readily accessable plants from the Great Lakes region. If you have any questions on them or any plant, let me know.

About Nature's Access

I am a Grandfather of nine and father of three. I have been married for 35 years. I am a veteran of the Army with eight years of service and one combat tour. I have a bachelors degree in History and Military Science. I love the outdoors. I am a proud Christian. I have many interest and love to research anything that I lack knowledge in. Wild edibles/herbal medicines and survival are passions of mine and I love sharing what I know.
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